Mastering Psychological Type for Powerful Influencing Skills

"The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority." Kenneth Blanchard quotes. Find your key to leadership through the FREE 1-hour webinar to uncover psychological tendencies and techniques to enhance your influencing skills.
Daniel Liew ii


With a background in Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Development, Daniel Liew began his consulting and training career twenty-six years ago. Being a Type Practitioner, he is the only Malaysian to have ever spoken as a conference Speaker at the Biennial International Association of Psychological Type and the 16types Convergence; an Advanced Type Practitioners annual gathering. He has also co-trained with Psychological Type Gurus such as Dr Linda Berens, Dr Elizabeth Murphy, Dr Marti Singer, Sandra Hirsh and Marci Segal. As a speaker, he has spoken in numerous National professional conferences such as Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Toastmasters International, IATSS and many more.

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What will you be Getting Out of This?

- Addressing challenges of interpersonal influence
- Practical application of Psychological Type in influencing people
- Techniques that help you expand your circle of influence
- Methods to build your influence from understanding Psychological Type
- Quick fixes to poor influencing skills in our everyday life.

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  • Date: 26th April 2020, Sunday, 11:00-12:00


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